25. While a man suggestively ate a muffin in the background of BBC election night coverage.
4 NFL teams screwed up their head coaching situations
4. Or this puppy, regarding snow?
16. And 2015 marked the year we finally got the real story behind how they fell in love.
3. When you keep hearing that “Burrito Sabanero” Christmas song over and over again.
Arsenal's academy kit manager does joyful tunnel run at halftime like he's Super Mario
3. The mess.
10. “Untitled” by kellen
Seahawks get revenge on Jimmy Fallon with their own superlatives
12. Oh my gawd, Ron!
8. 8. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Breakfast Bread Boat
7. Some dude using the assisted push-up machine for I don’t even know.
5. How did this dance get so popular?
61. The hockey incident.
4. And everyone in the Curry family, really.
41. When Jessie J sang with her mouth closed and made us go “OMFG.”
11. Cuando nos quiso enseñar cómo se pone un presidente su banda presidencial.
2. 2. No-Bake Cookie Dough Chocolate Cups
Nothing is better than watching Stephen Curry cook
16. 2 Canadas have seen this cat vine:
20. To sum it up:
4. When this guy mocked his lovely, happy dog.
6. When bae has a bad dream:
Spurs rookie wears a puffy yellow vest and only a puffy yellow vest
8. Mansplaining.
8. Mansplaining.
Stephen Curry scares the crap out of his dad on live television
3. Oppa Gungan Style:
3. Oppa Gungan Style:
1. Like this incredible “Birthday Sex” remix for example.
2. Victor Pope Jr.
26. This Vine told a whole story in 6 seconds.
1. The last thing you see before you die:
Ignoring the fact it sounds surprisingly good…
Ignorando o fato de que soa surpreendentemente bem…
He also nailed the singing.
22. “OMFG !!” by albreakable
NBA scores 2015: Stephen Curry rips off 40 points on opening night and 3 other things we learned
Monmouth's over-the-top bench celebrations are the most fun thing about college basketball
'LeBron James kid' watches his idol's buzzer beater
4 NFL teams screwed up their head coaching situations
19. Then later in the year, he groomed social services minister Scott Morrison like some kind of monkey.
16. Your very own TV show.
13. The “I May Have Been Drinking”
6. When he treated us to this very relatable trip.
10 reasons why Kansas-Oklahoma was the best college basketball game in recent memory
Oklahoma's Buddy Hield was so impressive, even Kansas fans gave him a standing ovation